Heritage Equity Partners


Unique Contextualized Development

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Heritage Equity was founded during the downturn in 2008 with a focus on emerging neighborhoods. Today, similar areas are enjoying the benefit of designation as “Opportunity Zones.” From 2008 to date, Heritage played a significant role in driving the development and evolution of Williamsburg, Clinton Hill, and Bushwick, both on residential and commercial real estate. Its residential projects were among the first brought online during and after the downturn in 2008, and helped sustain growth in their neighborhood. Furthermore, Heritage’s buildings achieved record occupancies and offered uniquely contextualized design both in its new construction projects and renovations.
Today Heritage Equity is a leading development firm whose specialization in emerging areas has transformed neighborhoods which are now flourishing centers of culture. Today these areas would be considered Opportunity Zones and, true to our history, we have identified tomorrows emerging neighborhoods.



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